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Napoleon Hill's Science of Success Study #2

Today I am going to be talking about the lesson regarding the budgeting of time and as an entrepreneur or business owner this is crucial because what is important to an entrepreneur is time, not so much money but money is time so we're actually more focused on time itself.

Napoleon Hill says that every person should be taking a personal assessment of themselves and this goes into questions regarding ,what I am doing with my time? Is it pushing me towards my goal? Is it distracting me from my goal?  One thing he says is “Every man needs to stop, look, listen and think. He should do this with regularity, with purpose a forethought. He should take personal inventory of himself at least once a month to make sure that he is getting the most out of life or to find out why he is not” 

I think this is huge because if you're not constantly reassessing and thinking about where you are, where you want to go ,chances are you're probably doing mindless activities towards your business, your career, your goal and it's like busy work, something to kill the time but it's not advancing you .Definitely take heed to what he says, take time every month, at least once a month.

I actually scheduled something on Google Calendar to alert me and let me know, hey it’s time to sit down and review the business. Make sure you take that time and ask yourself those important questions and if there's something that you're currently doing that you don't feel like is helping you or maybe it's a task that you should be outsourcing, then go hire a virtual assistant, have somebody else take care of your admin duties or the boring type tasks that you might have to have done in your business, that way you can focus on the creative vision and the more important stuff.

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