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Start Your Week Off Right!

Your favorite day of the week right?
Yes! As an entrepreneur or business owner it should be! I know 
for me it is. I love getting back into the full-on GRIND.
I personally take one day a week off to rest and re-charge
and that day happens to be Sunday. It's amazing how much
more I can get done during the 6 days of the week I work
just by taking off 1 day a week.
Brian Tracy shared in his book, Creativity and Problem Solving 
that it's been scientifically proven that people are more productive
working 6 days a week and taking 1 day off then they are working
the full 7 days.
Even if you love what you do I highly recommend following this
Take one full day off per week. No emails, no phone calls, no
work. Nothing related to your business. Spend time with family
and friends, watch tv, go to the movies, spend time in nature.
Whatever you do, don't work that day.
You'll be amazed at the results in your life and business!
Keep grindin'

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