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5 Ways to Live a More BLESSED Life Now

blessed life how to be more happy

You might already think you have a blessed life...but maybe there's a way to 10X that. Interested?

Here are 5 tips you can start using NOW to increase blessings in your life!


When I started actively thanking God daily and feeling true appreciation every day I started noticing things. My happiness increased; my worries decreased. Be grateful for the big things in life of course like your family and friends but also the tiny little things you would normally overlook. Have you ever taken the time to be thankful for the sheep shearers that made your clothes you're wearing??

I take the time now to write at least 7 gratitudes in a journal every day. Try to feel the emotion as you write them.


This one seems a little woo-woo but it works. Seriously. After you do your gratitude time in the morning take a couple minutes to think of 3 people that are bothering you and send love to them. Sounds weird but even if you feel slightly miffed by something small someone did (cut you off in traffic or boss gave you that extra work right before the weekend, grr...) include those people. Sometimes it may be much bigger like being angry at a parent that mistreated you or a relationship that went really sour. It doesn't matter. You have to send love to them. It's a completely selfish act really. You are dissolving the negative emotions and feelings inside of you. They are off having a great time and you're the one stewing over them. Guess what? You're only hurting yourself.

The process I use is to place an image in my mind of unconditional love like the love I get from my two big dogs. I then think on them as I send love to anyone bothering me. 


I find myself doing this in the gym sometimes. I will just sort of be walking around between sets and send out prayers to people. Prayers that the other people working out are happy and that they achieve their fitness goals.  It makes me feel good. Note: You might have people randomly turn around and smile at you. That's because our thoughts and feelings actually send vibrations. People can feel it :)


Before bed it's a good idea to either mentally review your day or write it down in a journal. What did you do well today? As Jim Rohn once said, "Lock it in.". Even if you feel like your day was totally terrible and you completed nothing you should be able to find 1 small thing that went well. Heck, maybe you took the garbage out. Small achievement accomplished! Achievements build upon each other so the more you can do and celebrate it the more they will come in your life!


Whether it be this blog post or a motivational audio or sermon, take the time to share with those who matter to most to you. Anytime you hear something that lifts you to a higher state of mind and into a positive vibration, it's a great idea to share it with others. Let others enjoy it too! 

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