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How to Mix Things Up and Enjoy Your Workouts Again

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Do you feel like your workouts have gotten mundane, ineffective, or just downright boring?

Something to try out is pick up a new hobby. It could be a fitness-related hobby like joining a sports team (softball, volleyball, track & field etc.) or even just trying to learn a new skill.

I personally started taking martial arts classes. I took them as a kid but was super shy and decided not to stick with them. I really regret that but I look only to the future now. I'm learning bits of TaeKwonDo, Karate, and Ju-Jitsu and I'm having a blast.

It has re-invigorated my workouts not only because I have added something new but also because I'm inspired to be in my best shape possible in order to maximize my performance as a martial artist.

?What hobby or skill are you going to pick up?

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