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How to Master What You Read

If you're anything like me, sometimes you feel overwhelmed
by reading. You know it can increase your knowledge and
help give you ideas towards your business or personal life.

But sometimes there's just so much to absorb, right?

I've found a way that has GREATLY affected how I absorb what
I read and it's incredibly simple if you're willing to put a few minutes in
to doing it.

I have to credit Tai Lopez as it was on one of his business programs
that I'd heard this tip, so thanks Tai!


Keep a stack beside you as you're reading. Write down key
points as you go. Keep it short and simple. 1-2 sentences is
best. You're basically writing down the gold nuggets from the book.

I will sometimes write the exact sentence from the book or I will
sum it up in a shorter sentence. Just make sure you're writing down
the best concepts, ideas, strategies, tricks, whatever you can learn
from and you know will be something you will want to review later.


Using a hole-puncher, punch one hole in the upper left corner of your stack.
Slip these cards onto a keyring or one of those key clasps that hold your

Create one every week. Mine typically have 25-40 cards in them each week.


Review the notecards twice a day. I like to review mine at breakfast
and before bed. I create a stack usually on Sundays, put them on a keyring
and have them ready to go before the workweek starts.

Then set a day on your calendar for once a month to review all the cards
you've accumulated.

By reading these cards repetitively I guarantee what you read is going
to stick in your brain more.

I find this method to be much more effective for me personally than
just taking notes off of a book. Chances are, I forget to review the notes.
But the cards being so handy right there on a keyring are just so much
easier to read through and memorize.

Experiement with this for a full month. Write me a line and let me know
your results!

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